When will the next call for proposals be issued?
The 2023 Call for Proposals is now open.  

When are proposals due for the 2023 Steedman Fellowship?
The submission deadline for 2023 Steedman Fellowship proposals is December 1st, 2023.  

Can I enter with a partner or team?
No. Only individual applicants will be considered.

I have a BS or BA in architecture, but not a professional BArch. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, all degrees in architecture from accredited schools of architecture in the US –or equivalent outside the US– are eligible degrees in architecture.

I have several degrees. How does the 8-year limit apply?
The 8-year limit applies only to your last architectural degree. If you have received a recognized degree in architecture within the last eight calendar years, (even if it is a second architecture degree) you are eligible to apply. Post professional degrees that are received from schools not offering professional architectural degrees do not extend the qualifying time limit of 8 years.

For the 2023 Steedman Fellowship, those who have graduated in the Spring of 2015 or later are eligible to apply. Any degree obtained prior to Spring of 2015 does not qualify within the limits of 8 years. 

I wanted to apply for the Steedman Fellowship in 2020, but there wasn’t a call. Now I am 9 years out from my last architectural degree—can I still apply for the 2021 Fellowship? Yes. For the 2021-22 cycle, due to Covid-19, we will allow applicants who earned their last architectural degree within the last 9 years to apply.

I’m currently a student. Can I apply before I graduate?
You may apply only if you will have received the degree before the start of the Fellowship travel

What is the Jury looking for in a proposal?
The jury looks for clarity of purpose, originality, adherence to theme, and feasibility of the proposal. Projects must demonstrate relevance to the practice of architecture in St. Louis, MO and around the world.

What are the guidelines for travel?
Fellows must spend between 6-12 months (cumulatively) outside the US and their country of residence (if applicable) pursuing their approved research project. Fellows must complete their research within 18 months of receiving the award. Fellows are solely responsible for any necessary government related travel visas or permissions they may be required to have. In light of the COVID-19 and climate crises, extra consideration will be given to creative proposals that minimize carbon footprint.

Does the criteria for travel of “minimizing the carbon footprint” in the 2021 call for proposals mean that trans-oceanic trips abroad should be by boat vs. plane?
The nudge to reduce the carbon footprint of the research proposal is more generally intended to discourage the “grand tour” entailing intensive travel that circumnavigates the globe, as well as to suggest that embedding oneself in a place for longer is a good way to research without as much movement. Ultimately, how you want to think about modes of travel, locations, durations, and other kinds of carbon impacts is entirely up to each applicant, and what is most practical, safe, and relevant to the proposal.

Can I use the Fellowship money to study in a university?
No. Funds may only be used for expenses related to the fellow’s approved travel and research. Funds may not be used towards credit-earning degrees or programs, or support for academic study. Funds may not be used for dependents or others traveling with the Fellow.

What are the obligations of the Fellow?
Fellows are expected to maintain regular contact with the Committee throughout the course of their research to keep them apprised of their progress. At the conclusion of their fellowship, Fellows must make arrangements to share their research with the Washington University and local AIA architectural communities. The exact presentation format will be decided between the Fellow and the Governing Committee, but it could take the form of a public lecture, exhibition, or collaborative design workshop. Fellows will also be asked to provide a 2 page summary of their fellowship experience and outcomes.

I’m having trouble submitting my application. Whom should I contact about this?
Please email helpafellowout@wustl.edu if you experience any problems with the
online platform.