2020 Call for Proposals has been postponed.

Update – 2020 – 2021 Steedman Fellowship has been postponed in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The Governing Committee is committed to the health and wellness of its awardees and has postponed calls for the upcoming Steedman Fellowship until further notice. Please stay tuned for further updates and contact steedmanfellowship@wustl.edu with any questions.


Eligibility Requirements

The Steedman Fellowship is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who has received an accredited degree in architecture within the last eight years. Fellows must be able to complete their proposed projects within 18 months of receiving the award.

Additionally, at the conclusion of their fellowship, Fellows must be available to travel to St. Louis to share their research with the Washington University and local AIA architectural communities. The exact presentation format will be decided between the Fellow and the Governing Committee, but it could take the form of a public lecture, exhibition, or collaborative design workshop.

QUESTIONS? Visit our FAQ page for answers.

Submission Guidelines

The next Steedman Fellow will be selected based upon the following: the merits of the research proposal; its relevance to the theme; its relevance to the practice of architecture in St. Louis, MO, and around the world; the quality of the portfolio; and evidence of the applicant’s promise to the field and ability to complete the work proposed. Registration is now closed.

All applications must be submitted in English online via the Slideroom link. The application fee is $75. Application materials must include:

A PDF document that encompasses:

  • Project title
  • Project abstract (200 words max) summarizing the proposed research question/s in reference to the theme and primary location/s for study. This abstract will be used for various purposes, including the announcement of the winner and in web, print, and digital promotions.
  • Research proposal (1500 words max) framing the research questions and relationship of proposed research to the broader theme, relevance to the field, and projected outcomes of the study. Describe how research will be conducted in the location/s specified including a rough itinerary, established contacts, and anticipated deliverables. Your proposal may include images or graphics to illustrate your ideas, but these are not required.
  • Budget and time frame for completion (200 words max)
  • Short bio (200 words). This bio will be used for various purposes, including the announcement of the winner and web, print, and digital promotions.
  • CV

Portfolio of work formatted into a single high-quality PDF file of 10-15 pages (10MB max.).

Applicants will be notified by email of the results, and winners will be announced on our website.